The Ingenious Amazon Find That Creates Extra Fridge Space for Yogurts

published Jun 3, 2022
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It seems like no matter how many times we reorganize the fridge, it’s back to a jumbled mess within a week. But a small investment in space-saving storage products can go a long way in keeping an organized fridge, well, an organized fridge, which in turn, will keep products in sight so you don’t forget about them hiding in the back shelf. That brings us to our latest fridge organization find — if you’re a yogurt-eater, this one’s for you! Get this: we found a handy yogurt organizer that stores your go-to breakfast (or midday snack) in thin air. By using the empty sides of your fridge, this organizer keeps a quick meal within arm’s reach while freeing up some precious refrigerator real estate.

The best news? This organizer couldn’t be easier to install. It conveniently comes with double sided adhesive tape to simply stick under a fridge door shelf or to an inside wall for easy access. If you take a look at your fridge right now, you’ll be surprised at how much room there is! Once installed, just slide in your yogurts of choice and enjoy the tidiness. Each organizer fits up to four standard single-serve yogurts, so it’s the perfect size for most fridges. And it’s compatible with most popular brands of yogurt and even many dairy-free options found at supermarkets. Pro tip: As you buy new packs, move the older ones to the front of the organizer to follow the “first in, first out” rule and minimize waste!

There are even a bunch of satisfied Amazon customers raving about this game-changing accessory. “I placed these near the top of my fridge and BAM! Unused space now has a purpose!” says one customer. Another yogurt-lover writes, “These are awesome for keeping yogurt from taking up valuable shelf space in your fridge. Each one holds four Chobani yogurts beautifully! I bought two since I’m a big yogurt fan.” More chime in saying,”Love getting my refrigerator space back.” and “Definitely worth the investment for storage and organization space in the fridge!” Based on these passionate recommendations, it’s clear that this organizer does wonders.

And with that, it’s safe to say there won’t be anymore lost, expired yogurts left behind in the back of the fridge or the occasional yogurt avalanche falling off the shelf with this organizer. Plus, with the amount of space you’ll end up saving, we can’t recommend this thing enough for any yogurt fan.