The $17 Amazon Find That Finally Got Rid of the Funky Smells in My Fridge and Freezer

published Jul 3, 2024
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Close-up Of Young Woman Searching For Food In The Fridge
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We’ve all been there: You wake up in the morning, ready to start your day, so you head to your fridge to start making yourself some breakfast. Then it happens. You open your refrigerator only to be immediately hit with … an odor. But it’s not an odor you can place (read: you know it’s not that bag of wilted spinach you forgot about). It’s a stagnant odor — one that you know is going to take more than a good scrub to get rid of. This is where a fridge deodorizer comes in.   

I found myself in this very predicament a few months back — no matter what I did (or what I tried), nothing seemed to help fight the funk in my fridge. So I did what any shopping editor would do: I took to the internet to research what gizmos and gadgets people were using to fight their fridge odors. That’s when I came across the Fridge Ninja Fridge Deodorizer. 

What Is the Fridge Ninja Fridge Deodorizer?

The Fridge Ninja Fridge Deodorizer is a quick and easy way to banish fridge odors for good. Coming in a pack of two, these simple and effective deodorizers feature an internal briquette of activated charcoal that acts as a neutralizer, capturing odors in record time. Simply place them in your fridge (or freezer) and let them do their thing. The best part? They’re reusable! All you have to do is remove the charcoal bags, place them in the sun for a day, and you’re good to go. 

Credit: Sarah Vazquez

Why I Love the Fridge Ninja Fridge Deodorizer

As I said above, I had tried seemingly every cleaning routine, household hack, and deodorizing product out there on the mission to un-funk my fridge, all to no avail. So, given my track record, I was skeptical that these would actually work. Nonetheless, I unpackaged these compact little deodorizers, placed one in my fridge and the other in the freezer, and left them to do their thing. Reviewers mentioned that it would take a day or two to notice a difference so I resigned myself to some patience and — wouldn’t you know it — they actually worked! I couldn’t believe it. In fact, I was so shocked I called my mom about them immediately. (This is what calls with your mother come to when you’re almost 30). I had never been more relieved in my life — or happier with a $20 purchase.

The Fridge Ninja Fridge Deodorizer normally comes in at $30 for a pack of two, but right now you can get the set for just $20. So what are you waiting for? Those fridge odors aren’t going to take care of themselves! Well, that is, until you get these guys in there. 

Buy: Fridge Ninja Fridge Deodorizer (2-Pack), $16.99 (normally $29.99)