The Best Places to Shop for Farm-Fresh Produce Online

updated Dec 5, 2022
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Online grocery shopping has become the norm for so many of us these last few years — myself included. The convenience and ease often can’t be beat for things like canned goods, cereal, and snacks, and it’s a great tool to keep in your back pocket.

But online produce shopping can be tricky when you’re not the one in the store handling the tomatoes or sorting through the heads of lettuce. I’ve both experienced and heard countless stories of deliveries of too-ripe avocados, red onions substituted for green onions, and pounds of fresh ginger delivered to a friend who only wanted a small knob. I once received three pounds of kumquats that I didn’t order. (Not terrible, just confusing!) Even small discrepancies can call for outsize inconvenience when you were really counting on receiving the quality and quantity you would have picked out for yourself.

There will always be some variation when you’re ordering a product that has such high variability, but ordering from online stores that specialize in produce can help ensure you’re happy with your product. And these six online produce shops aim to do just that.

Here are the best places to shop for produce online.

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Farmbox Direct

Farmbox Direct was founded on the idea of delivering farmers market-worthy produce directly to your door. It offers fruit boxes, veggie boxes, or a mix of the two in a variety of different sizes, both conventional and organic. The produce menu is updated weekly with seasonal options. Boxes are prefilled with the option of up to five substitutions, or you can tack on additional items at a cost. There's weekly delivery available, although the exact delivery day depends on the area of service. You can also skip weeks as needed.

  • Price: Weekly orders range from $40 to $80, depending on box size. No subscription fee; cancel any time.
  • Shipping cost: $6 flat shipping fee.
  • Delivery area: Delivers nationwide, check zip code for specifics here.
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Imperfect Foods

Imperfect Foods started out rescuing perfectly edible produce like too-small apples or irregularly shaped carrots that didn’t meet grocery store standards. It's expanded to offer pantry goods, snacks, beverages, and more, and there are plans to expand even more after it was acquired earlier this year by Misfits Market, who also specializes in surplus produce. Boxes can be customized to fit your needs and are delivered weekly or biweekly on an assigned day to help reduce carbon emissions; you can also skip weeks as needed. Imperfect Foods will also pick up used boxes for recycling when it drops off your next order.

  • Price: Subscription boxes start at $11. No subscription fee; cancel any time.
  • Shipping cost: $6 flat delivery fee.
  • Delivery area: Available in 38 states across the nation. (Check your zip code for availability here.)
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You probably think New York pastrami or Maryland crab cakes when you think Goldbelly, but the specialty food site also has a large farmers market selection. There, you can order mixed produce boxes from large growers and farms like Melissa's Produce, Frog Hollow Farm, or Norwich Meadows Farms. Hawaiian pineapple, banana varietal boxes, and other specialized produce collections are also available.

  • Price: Dependent on specific supplier.
  • Shipping cost: Dependent on specific supplier and delivery area.
  • Delivery area: Dependent on specific supplier and delivery area.
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Weee! specializes in Asian and Latin foods, but carries a stunning amount of conventional produce. You’ll find basics like carrots and potatoes, apples and oranges, plus a plethora of specialty items — lychee-flavored grapes, mangosteens, lotus root, over a dozen kinds of mushrooms, and every Asian green you can think of. If you need some starting points on shopping at Weee!, we've got them all here.

  • Price: No subscription required. No minimum order; order any time.
  • Shipping cost: Free delivery for orders over $49, or a flat $6 for smaller orders. (Tipping your driver is suggested.)
  • Delivery area: Available in the 48 continental states.
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The Fruit Guys

The Fruit Guys have a charming origin story as a dot com-era San Francisco startup, delivering fresh fruit to Silicon Valley companies. Almost 25 years later, they are now shipping fruit across the country, but have expanded their offerings. Conventional and organic snack fruit boxes are still available, with more diverse fruit in its Harvest box plus an option for a mixed fruit and veggie box. Sizes are small enough for a single person or an entire office. You can do a la carte orders, or set up a subscription for delivery weekly, biweekly, or once a month. You can skip weeks as needed too.

  • Price: Boxes start at $36. No subscription required (although available at no additional fee).
  • Shipping cost: Dependent on delivery area.
  • Delivery area: Delivers to all 50 states.
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Talley Farms

Talley Farms is a Central California-based farm that delivers to the West Coast, so the service area is much more limited than others on this list. It sources from its own organic farm as well as other partners, focusing on local produce first, and then organic when available. Boxes come in two sizes and are prefilled based on what’s growing that week, although you can customize your order for a $2 fee. Boxes are shipped weekly, biweekly, or monthly, and you can skip weeks as needed. Overnight delivery is available to most of California, with two day-delivery to the rest of the West Coast.

  • Price: Subscription boxes start at $28. No subscription fee; cancel any time.
  • Shipping cost: Dependent on area of service.
  • Delivery area: West Coast including California, Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, Oregon, Washington, and Idaho.

Do you use any of these services already? Have any other options to add? Let us know in the comments below!