Morning Tip: Freeze Unbaked Scones for Quick Breakfasts

(Image credit: Megan Gordon)

In my ongoing quest to freeze anything and everything (burritos, fresh herbs, diced peppers from my CSA), I was pleasantly surprised when my sister-in-law left me with a batch of frozen, ready-to-bake scones following a visit. For weeks, or maybe just one week due to how delicious they were, I sleepily popped a frozen mini scone or two in the oven each morning. As I emerged from my shower, the heavenly scent of freshly baked orange cranberry scones filled my apartment.

What a way to start the morning — why hadn’t I thought of it before?

Although I consider myself to be a pretty great cook, I’d call my baking skills just okay. I don’t fancy measuring, I get impatient with the process of taking dough in and out of the fridge, or bored letting this or that rest for 45 minutes. Even in my walk-in closet-sized kitchen, flour somehow ends up in every nook and cranny. While I rarely bake on a whim, the exception is these scones.

Any scone recipe will do. I use a very simple recipe and adapt it to include whatever ingredients are handy — orange zest, dried fruits, fresh blueberries, etc.

To freeze, skip putting the pan of shaped scones into the oven, and head straight for the freezer. Let the scones freeze on the pan for a few hours, until hard. Then, place the now firm goodies in a gallon-sized freezer bag or container. While I love a larger scone, we find that typically the smaller mini-scones work better for freezing. Plus, smaller scones = shorter wait time in the morning while baking.

When you’re ready, pop these into the oven as you normally would, per the recipe’s directions, probably adding a minute or two to account for the frozen-ness. Of course, if they’re smaller scones than the original recipe calls for, be sure to take that into account when calculating baking time!

Perfect for a warm breakfast or an afternoon treat with tea, your future self will thank you for stocking the freezer with ready to bake treats!

What are your favorite scone recipes? Do you ever bake them straight from the freezer?