French-Door Refrigerators: 10 Models From High to Low

updated May 12, 2022
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We rather covet a French door fridge. Have you seen these? The fridge is on top, with side-by-side doors, and there is a freezer drawer on the bottom. We love having the freezer on the bottom, and the two doors of the fridge just seem more adaptable and reasonably-sized in a small kitchen. Here are some of the main brands and models of French door refrigerators — from high to low!

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Viking 36″ VCFF136 – $3300. 19.6 cubic feet. (Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

This trendy model of refrigerator is definitely going to set you back a little more than a basic freezer-on-top, fridge-on-bottom, single-door model. But that hasn’t held back their popularity; we are seeing these more and more in magazines and house tours.

We are also seeing these really increase next to the more traditional style of double-door refrigerators, with the freezer on one side and the fridge on the other. (We really dislike these; we find them just awkward to fit stuff into!)

All prices here are either the manufacturer’s price, or an approximate price for what you’d find at a big-box retailer like Sears. So there is a lot of wiggle room in the numbers.

Two of the main factors in price when looking for a refrigerator might actually be quite inconsequential to many people: Stainless steel finish, and an external water dispenser. If you are willing to have a white or black fridge, and to get your water from the tap (or heck, the inside of the fridge!) you can knock several hundred dollars off the price of most of these models.

TOP ROWOver $2000
1. Viking 36″ VCFF136 – $3300. 19.6 cubic feet.
2. Sub-Zero Pro 48 – $14,000. 30.1 cubic feet. What sticker shock! But gorgeous!
3. LG 4-Door French Door Refrigerator with Ice and Water Dispenser – $4300. 20.5 cu.ft.
4. Samsung RFG297AARS – $2900. 29 cubic feet.
5. Amana French Door Refrigerator – $2100. 25 cu. ft.

BOTTOM ROWUnder $2000
6. Samsung 4-Door – $1999. 28 cu.ft. One of the drawers has an adjustable temperature control, which looks very promising.
7. Maytag French Door Bottom Mount – $1700. 25 cu.ft.
8. Samsung RF197ABRS – $1400. 18 cubic feet, and 3 inches slimmer.
9. LG 3-Door French Door Refrigerator – $1900. 19.7cu.ft.
10. Maytag French Door Bottom Mount – $1500. 22 cu.ft.

One note on some of these brands: One commenter in this thread at Chowhound says that Amana actually makes these refrigerators for KitchenAid and Maytag.

Now your turn! Do you have a French door refrigerator? What do you think of it? What model do you have — is it here on this list?

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