French Week: What Is Your Favorite French Dish?

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Our trip around the world this month is coming to a close — and we are finishing with one of the most influential Western cuisines: French! Who hasn’t been affected by French cooking somehow? The sauces, the techniques, the mindset of classic French cooking have influenced Western cooking for most of the modern age. What is your favorite French dish?

Is it something rustic — the savory wild game terrines and sausages of the countryside? The chickpea fritters and tomato sauces of the South of France? The wines? The nouvelle cuisine of more recent years? The elegant, rich sauces of traditional French cooking? Or — as is the case with me — the perfect baguette?

Tell us all about your favorite French food and tell us what you’d like to see us cover during French Week!

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How to Lunch, Parisian-Style

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