French Press or Drip Method: Which Has Your Heart?

French Press or Drip Method: Which Has Your Heart?

I'd like to take a moment to talk about something very dear to my heart: my morning cup of coffee. While I am fortunate enough to live in a neighborhood with many fantastic coffee shops, I really enjoy the process of making my own cup each morning. I have always favored the french press, but lately I have been taken with another classic coffee apparatus: the Chemex.

While both brewing methods make wonderful coffee, the whole process of the french press always had my heart. I love the simplicity of pouring the hot water in one dose over the ground beans, the satisfying feeling of pressing the mesh filter down to stop the brewing process and the built-in lid that helps preserve heat. I use a glass press, but lately ceramic versions available in bright colors have become popular as well.

But recently, after hearing so many good things about the Chemex, I decided it was time to try out the classic drip method. I have been enamored with it ever since. Brewing the beans in a filter over the water, keeping the grounds separated from the coffee and allowing them to "blossom" between each pour of the hot water produces a truly wonderful cup.

Despite my love for coffee and my enthusiasm to try brewing methods and bean types, I am no expert in the matter, so I ask you: Which do you think is the better brewing method: french press, drip method, or perhaps something else entirely?

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-Post contributed by Liana Walker of Apartment Therapy

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