French vs. American Ice Cream: Which One Do You Like the Best?

updated May 2, 2019
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(Image credit: Emma Christensen)

When I first started making ice cream at home, I relied solely on recipes that did not call for making an egg custard. It seemed a little advanced at the time, and making ice cream at home was a quick and simple pleasure. Now the tables have turned. I’m a French fanatic through and through.

In their August 2012 issue, Food and Wine wrote about the difference between American and French style ice creams, complete with recipes and lush photos.

French ice cream is made with eggs so it’s thick and custardy whereas American ice cream (also called Philadelphia-style) is made with sugar, milk and cream. I find French ice cream to be silkier and it doesn’t develop nearly as many ice crystals as its little-bit-lighter cousin. And once you get the hang of making the simple custard, it’s easy to duplicate over and over again to create wonderful, seasonal ice creams using fresh fruits, herbs, nuts, and spices.

Which style do you lean towards?

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