This Tip Claims to Be the Answer to Too Many Ripe Avocados, but the Internet Is Divided

published Mar 21, 2022
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four avocados sit on a marble table peeled, diced, and laid out in different ways
Credit: Photo: Joe Lingeman; Food Stylist: Jesse Szewczyk
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Avocados; they’re great. Until they’re too ripe. Then they’re a problem. There’s an age-old joke that once an avo reaches peak ripeness, you’ve got to cancel all plans: There’s just mere minutes to enjoy it (hey, any excuse to get out of a workout, right?). But a recent life hack from the Instagram account @lilsipper claims to be the answer. Since being shared on the account @howtofoodprep, the Reel has gone viral and the internet has FEELINGS about it. Is it genius, or too good to be true? Let’s discuss.

In the video, @lilsipper a.k.a. Bethany Ugarte, says, “Did you know you can freeze your avocados?” The method is simple. According to Ugarte, all you have to do is pop ripe avos in the freezer — no need to peel, cut, or prep. When you’re ready for that guac or avocado toast, just retrieve and run the avocado under hot water. Let sit on the counter for 15 minutes, then proceed per usual. 

Is this a clever life-changing moment or just a hoax? Judging from the comments on the Reel, the internet is divided. “Tastes awful and not the same consistency,” one commenter said, adding three thumbs-down emojis. “Tried … Doesn’t work,” reported another. “DO NOT FREEZE AVOCADOS,” yet another viewer warned, including the eye-rolling emoji for emphasis. 

But there are plenty of home cooks willing to vouch for this tip. “Yes!!! @lilsipper tip has saved all my avocados from being thrown in the trash for years and they came in clutch for Super Bowl guac!!!” reported one commenter. “Another avocado-saving hack!” announced another. “This is exactly how I preserve mine too,” noted a third, adding both the “Okay” and “100” emojis. 

I haven’t tried this — yet! — but after a deep dive on the comments section, I have a feeling that freezing avocados will degrade their texture. I’m betting that frozen and thawed avocados aren’t ideal for topping toast or tacos, but they’d work in recipes that call for mashed or puréed avocado. In other words: It’s glory days for guacamole.

If you’re not convinced that this will do the trick, there are plenty of other handy tips for extending the life of an avocado. Another Kitchn writer recently tested a viral hack for keeping them ripe without freezing, and reported some interesting findings. 

I’ll leave you with one final point to ponder, brought up by a commenter on the @howtofoodprep vid: “But who ever has a surplus of avocados?”

Have you tried freezing avocados? Would you?