This Ingenious $40 Organizer Keeps Bagged Frozen Meals Neatly Stacked (and Helps Food Stay Fresh Longer!)

published Apr 17, 2023
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A freezer is stocked with various pre-packed and labeled foods.
Credit: Photo: Ghazalle Badiozamani; Food Stylist: Jesse Szewczyk

When you have a small kitchen, there are few things as tricky as making space for groceries inside your tiny, single-door fridge. The only thing that’s more headache-inducing is finding space in the freezer, which typically offers about one-third of the area that your fridge does. Thankfully, many of our favorite home organization brands offer solutions for this problem in the form of hanging shelf bags, beverage caddies, turntables, and other helpful tools. But whereas most fridge organizers are good for holding produce, packaged snacks, eggs, and other foods of a certain shape, there seemingly aren’t as many options for meal prep eats that you might want to freeze. Sure, you could use Tupperware-like containers, but those might be too bulky to pack in amid your ice cream cartons and pizza boxes. And it’s not like storing leftovers in Ziploc bags is any more convenient. At least, not unless you own one of these Freezer Cube storage systems. This five-tier shelving system will whip your freezer into shape in no time and make storing frozen foods infinitely easier.

What we love about this freezer organizer is that it truly makes a difference in your kitchen yet remains incredibly easy to use. You basically get five shelves on which to store bagged foods, all encased within a perforated shell that allows for air circulation, keeping the contents fresher longer. Each individual shelf also slides out, so you can keep track of which bag is on which shelf and remove what you need without a hassle. Additionally, frozen Ziploc bags often assume a lumpy shape depending on what’s inside, so stacking them on top of one another often proves difficult, if not impossible. With this brilliant organizer, you’re far less likely to open the freezer door only to find a fallen tower of meals. Essentially, this system will prevent this area of the kitchen from ever becoming a jumbled, hard-to-sort-through mess again — just ask the numerous Amazon shoppers who consider it a game-changer.

“Before, I would take up a whole shelf just to lay out the unfrozen freezer bags until they froze solid,” one reviewer wrote. “We love homemade soups and sauces but cringe when its time to freeze the bags down. Not any more. This saves time and space.” There’s really no limit to what kinds of foods you store on the shelves, whether we’re talking stews, gravies, baby food, or rice dishes. You’ll always know exactly where everything is and keep the rest of your freezer open for storing other items. Finally, the organizer’s plastic material is also easy to clean — not that you’re likely to experience any more spills or messes once it’s in place!