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I Finally Tried This Ridiculously Chic (and Insta-Famous) Cutting Board — and It’s Worth the Hype

published May 6, 2022
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Recently, I kept seeing this funky chopping block popping up on a few of my favorite internet cooks’ Instagram stories. Seeing how impressive and photo-worthy it made food prep look, I knew I wanted one. Yes, my kitchen was already fully equipped with multiple cutting boards, so no, I didn’t technically need it. But can you blame me for wanting to add it to my repertoire? Just look how darn cute it is. Unfortunately, once I was officially determined to buy, they were sold out! So the smart shopper in me promptly joined the email list to be notified for the re-stock. What felt like months later, I was alerted that the Fredericks & Mae Small Chopping Block was once again available for purchase. After deciding what color to pick, I quickly added to cart without hesitation.

Full disclosure: When I opened the packaging, I was a bit stunned by the compact size. In my eager purchasing, I didn’t pay attention to the dimensions, so for $40 I was expecting a larger surface area. Nonetheless, I was pleased at the hefty weight of the professional grade, food-safe material. Plus, at double the thickness of my other plastic prep boards, this thing is not flimsy by any means. Chopping blocks often tend to be wooden, oversized, and very heavy, but this pick is none of those things. So far, the textured black and white design (which is the colorway I settled on) works great as a sturdy chopping block, and my knife cuts go unnoticed. Plus, it doesn’t stain and it’s also dishwasher-safe.

Since this cutting board is smaller than my others, I find myself reaching for it for minor tasks all the time. Slicing limes when friends are over for margaritas is the first thing that comes to mind, but also chopping up apples for smoothies and mincing garlic or herbs. So although I still use my large cutting boards for heftier prep, I’m glad I can lean on this one for quick, little things because sometimes whipping out (and dirtying up) a giant cutting board is just a burden. Overall, it turned out to be a successful Instagram find. I definitely recommend it as a mini backup behind your main cutting board. If you have a small kitchen or don’t cook all that often, this compact board is definitely for you.

I can’t leave you without highlighting the stunning design — after all, that’s why we’re all here, right? The confetti-like finish is made from leftover materials, so each board is slightly unique. It’s so chic, it might as well double as art. And now that I love my mini board not only for its stylish look, but its practical use in the kitchen, I’m looking for an excuse to gift myself the $100 large version, too. I’m in between the multicolored white finish or speckled yellow, but either way, I’ll be adding more pops of color to my cooking routine.