France Says “Non!” to Genetically Modified Food

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Genetically modified food is quite common in the United States, but Europeans have long been suspicious of it, particularly in France.

The European Union last year authorized farmers in France to grow genetically modified maize, but France’s highest-ranking government council banned the maize from being produced or used in the country.

The fight isn’t over; France will need to present scientific evidence that genetically modified food is harmful to humans to the European Union courts in order to keep the ban in place.

GM food is a deeply divided topic among scientists and consumers. Proponents in favor of GM food argue that it could help stave off world hunger, while those against it rebuff that there have been no solid long-term studies on the effects of GM food on the health of humans and animals, and worry that it could be dangerous.

What do you think of genetically modified food?