Crack the Code to Perfect Hard-Boiled Eggs with This $10 Gadget (It Has Nearly 1,500 5-Star Ratings!)

published Oct 27, 2023
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Peeling hard-boiled eggs can be a real pain when you’re dealing with a stubborn eggshell. We’ve all been there: cracked eggs and a huge mess. However, there’s a clever tool that can change the way you peel eggs forever. Enter the Fox Run Hard Boiled Egg Piercer, an egg-prepping tool you’d have wished you owned sooner. It’s crafted from rigid ABS plastic and features a food-grade, stainless-steel needle. Here’s the secret: Before boiling your eggs, you give them a little poke with this gadget, creating a small hole that prevents the shells from cracking during boiling. It’s like a magic trick for perfect peeling! So, wave goodbye to the frustration of egg peeling and say hello to perfectly peeled hard-boiled eggs, all thanks to this handy tool.

What is the Fox Run Hard Boiled Egg Piercer?

This helpful gadget is made of durable white and yellow ABS plastic and contains a stainless-steel needle. Using it is a breeze: Simply press the big end of your egg onto the needle to create a tiny hole that prevents shells from cracking during boiling. The real magic happens once it’s boiled — the shells practically fall off themselves! It’s a total game-changer for all your hard-boiled egg adventures, making them a walk in the park.

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What Amazon Reviewers Are Saying

Rating: 4.4/5

“This eliminates the egg sticking from the shell. If you want a quick and easy peel this is one black magic tool. You crack the middle of the egg and don’t crack anywhere else. It comes right off and the top and bottom falls easily off. This works wonders.” — Ken

“If you lose all patience trying to peel hard boiled eggs, this is a total game changer! I have yet to ruin an egg during the peeling process when I use this!” — Abbie Skaines

“I’ve tried different devices to pierce eggs. A lot of failed, but this item certainly does the trick. I make dozens of soft boiled eggs regularly for ramen. This has made it fast and easy. The bonus is the needle can be locked into safety when not in use.” — PWixer

Priced at only $9.14, this hard-boiled egg piercer is a must-have item for every kitchen. Whether you’re tired of eggshell struggles or want to elevate your egg game, adding one of these to your kitchen tools will make your life easier. Time to whip up some deviled eggs!