Reddit Polled Professional Housecleaners to Find Out Which Spots People Need to Clean Better

published Jun 13, 2018
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The house-cleaning community of this Reddit thread got pretty fired up the other day when the topic of often-forgotten nooks and kitchen gadgets was raised, prompting a passionate discussion about tidying fixes that will have your space looking brand-spanking new. In the off-chance that you’re not a professional house cleaner, here are some spots to keep an eye out for the next time you give your kitchen a clean sweep.

1. The top of your fridge

“I’m not super tall at 6’1″, but I’ve been in many people’s otherwise sparkling clean kitchens and seen a thick layer of dust on the top of the refrigerator,” said one Redditor. While I strongly disagree that 6’1″ is “not super tall,” I do agree that this dusty-top-of-the-fridge-phenomenon occurs because many people tend to only clean up to their eye level. If necessary, it’s worth hopping on a step stool to give those hard-to-reach-spots some love.

2. Your dish rack

“The dish drying rack. I’ve never seen anyone with one that wasn’t horrific looking,” another user added. Your dishes may be squeaky clean, but the handy gadget you’re stacking them on is probably not. Other helpful users chimed in suggesting washable drying mats as an alternative — just be sure to actually wash them!

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3. Your can opener

This Redditor really got people talking by bringing up the topic of can-opener blades. “Whatever is in the can splashes up onto the blade so I wash it as if it’s a cooking utensil,” reminds another user. This problem persists with both countertop or handheld can openers, so before you forget about it or toss it back into the drawer, give it a good clean.

Give it a deep clean: How To Clean a Can Opener

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4. Microwave

“I cleaned houses in college … clean your microwaves people,” pleads this Redditor. The microwave is one spot in particular that gets super grimy the longer you let food splatters go unnoticed. If you’re past the point of (what seems like) no return, try microwaving a bowl of one part water to one part vinegar for one-and-a-half minutes. Let sit to allow the super-hot water to cool. The steam will loosen up some of the grime so you can wipe it down more easily.

5. All the finishing touches

Sometimes, it’s all in the details. According to another Redditor, “People wonder how it looks different when I do [the cleaning]. They often forget polishing or wiping down their kitchen bin, kettles, and other shiny things on their counters.” Give these spots a little extra attention and they’ll really gleam.

Finally, here’s a cleaning gripe about kitchens in general: “If you’re going to be messy, be messy — but for the love of everything, at the very least, keep the place where you eat and store food spotless. Seriously. Kitchens are generally small; divide them into imaginary little squares and clean them up one by one in order — you’ll be done before you know it and after that you just need to maintain it bit by bit.” Now, divide and conquer!

Do you have anything else to add? What do you notice — even as a non-professional housecleaner — that people need to clean more often/better in their kitchens?