Forgot to Salt the Pasta Water? Take a Tip from Chez Pim

updated May 2, 2019
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If you ever need a reminder why salting the pasta water is key to good pasta, just wait until you forget to do it.

I know because this is exactly what happened to me the other night. I took one bite of that pasta and thought my tastebuds had gone berserk. Talk about bland, boring, and tasteless noodles. Bleck.

But other than eating a mistake like this and moving on, what can you do? Pim of Chez Pim has a very clever idea.

After I shared my distress on Twitter, Pim wrote back with this helpful advice:

You could toss in a handful of salt right after draining. Salt will melt & be absorbed by pasta. Not the same but helps.

Unfortunately, I had already sauced and served my pasta before reading Pim’s tip, but what a great idea for the next inevitable time that I get distracted while preparing dinner.

Have you ever tried this? Any other great post-facto pasta salting tips that work for you?

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