Forget the Spork. It’s All About the Tritensil.

(Image credit: Fast Company)

There hasn’t been a lot of innovation in multi-purpose eating utensils since the invention of the spork. Up until now, no one has been able to safely add a knife to that mix — but it looks like one company might have solved the design challenge.

Map, a design group based in London, teamed up with Fortnum & Mason to develop and produce the tritensil — and it might be the only utensil you’ll need.

The key to this new design is the serrated portion that helps you cut with it is on the backside of the spoon, where you’re unlikely to cut your mouth on it.

You might not be able to eat a full five-course meal with just a tritensil, but for picking up a snack or eating on the go, it looks like a great single-serve option. You can find the tritensil in Fortnum & Mason cafes now. Has anyone used one? We’d love to know what you think of it.

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