Forget Scraps: Make Multiple Cookies With A Single Cut

published Aug 30, 2011

Martha Stewart would tell us that sugar cookie scraps don’t make the prettiest cookies and to throw them out. But what if you could use every last inch of dough in a single rolling? What if you only needed one cookie cutter to make 4 or 5 different shapes? Is that sort of efficiency too good to be true? Well, wait no more, your dreams have come true. What? Don’t tell me I’m the only one who dreams about cookie cutters!

20 years ago Keith Kritselis from Austin, Texas was watching cookies being made. It occurred to him that the amount of scraps left over from the process was quite ridiculous and that if you had a more efficient cookie cutter in the first place, the entire process could be more streamlined.

His recent Kickstarter project has reached his goal and his designs are now being put into production. This style of cutter would be great for holidays when you’re making multiple designs at once. It’s a fun idea that allows every bit of dough to be used without any re-rolling of scraps, or making new dough.

The idea is a great one and for general cookie making will be a great asset to many kitchen, the only hiccup we can see is that to create the separation between each cookie, the sides of the cutters need to be tapered. It helps them separate, but it makes your edges thinner, which will cause them to brown faster than the rest of the cookie. What do you think? Would you purchase this for your kitchen? We’ll let you know once they’re available for sale. Each cutter is set to retail at $12.