Forget Energy Drinks, Relaxation Drinks Might Be the Next Trend

(Image credit: Tranquini)

Energy drinks have dominated the specialty beverage market for years. There was an energy drink for everyone, but now the tides might be turning, with the hopes that a relaxation drink will capture consumers’ attention in the same way, but for a different purpose.

A new company Tranquini is set to launch a canned beverage aimed at helping consumers relax, stress less, and cope with their busy lifestyles.

The marketing seems to be taking a more natural, healthy approach, touting that the drink contains green tea extract, chamomile, lavender, and Vitamin B12. We’ll be interested to get a complete look at the ingredient label when the drink comes out.

You won’t be seeing this on store shelves until 2016 at least, so until then, you’ll just have to drink regular green tea if you want to relax.