Hang Your Pot Rack Over the Sink and Let Your Pans Drip Dry

published Oct 8, 2014
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(Image credit: Nancy Schaub)

My poor mother. I can only imagine what it’s like to be on the other end of my texts messages: Hey Mom! Can you send me a picture of your pot rack? — Sure honey! Wait, will this end up on the internet?”

But I had to show you her solution to a pot rack in a small space. It is brilliant and best of all, she never has to dry a thing!

My parents have a long and skinny kitchen that doesn’t allow for an island or central work station. The kitchen walls are laden with cabinets, many of which are difficult to navigate, so my mother became tired of fishing pans out from the back of the cabinets, the way a cat fishes for a milk tab from under the fridge.

So she MacGyver-ed herself a temporary solution that’s since become permanent.

(Image credit: Sarah Rae Smith)

An Over-the-Sink Pot Rack

Because of the shape of my parents’ kitchen, it’s a tricky spot to photograph. To help clear things up, I’ve made this graphic that’s the equivalent to sketching on the back of a bar napkin when slightly intoxicated, but hopefully it will help convey the logistics.

My father installed small pieces of corner molding on the inside of the cornice that connects the two upper cabinets that flank the kitchen sink area. Next, small dowels were used to straddle the divide and metal hooks were placed across the top. The lids to their pans slide down over skillet handles and everything my parents need to cook is at arms length with zero hassle or need to wipe dry —simply wash, rinse and hang! The individual bars are able to slide left to right with ease to make room as needed and it’s been a permanent fixture in their place for five years now.

I should probably take this time to thank my mother for obliging my whims and promise an extra holiday gift this year for her trouble and exploitation. Thanks Mom!

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