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10 Home Cooks on the Little Things Their “Forever Kitchen” Would Have

published Mar 16, 2020
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Credit: Liz Calka

In the next few weeks, chances are we’re all going to be spending more time in our kitchens than ever before. And while our kitchens may not be perfect, it’s fun think about what they would look like if they were. We could all use a bit of escapism right now.

We spoke with real home cooks around the country to find out the one thing their dream kitchen would have, the things that, if they had it, they’d feel like they were in their “forever kitchen.” Read on to find out what they had to say.

“When I was raising a family and cooking dinner every night, a pot filler was definitely on my list. I’m Italian, so pasta was a nightly side.” — Lynette H., Boynton Beach, Florida

Credit: Viv Yapp

A big island with cabinetry. And, by big, I mean you can do everything there, from prepping vegetables to working, doing DIY projects, etc.” — Amanda V., Boynton Beach, Florida

A wine fridge. Like food prep and storage, wine has its own particulars, making storage conditions essential for optimal taste.” — Dolly Y., New York, New York

A huge, deep farmhouse sink. The sink divider that apparently almost all new homes come with is just plain obnoxious to wash pots in, but it must be cheaper for home builders.” — Lindsay S., Winter Springs, Florida

“If I ever get a kitchen with a fireplace (so cheese can warm and ripen on the hearth), I’ll be the happiest cook ever.” — Stephanie R., Huntingtown, Maryland

A double oven. I entertain a lot and I’d love to have the flexibility to cook a few different dishes at two different temps. Without this, juggling temps and times is such a headache!” — Sue F., San Diego, California

“I would love more drawers inside of or in lieu of lower cabinets to make pots and pans more easily accessible. As an occupational therapist, I think it’s so difficult to use good body mechanics while reaching into lower cabinets for heavy items.” — Grace W., Chicago, Illinois

An appliance garage where I could hide my Vitamix, coffee equipment, etc., from sight but keep them accessible.” — Laura F., Atlanta, Georgia

A warming drawer. It’s often tough to time when different parts of a meal will be ready or to manage multiple items at the same time, so having that would alleviate some of that stress. I could prepare some things ahead of time and keep them in there.” — Kris L., Tampa, Florida

Credit: Chloe Berk

“My dream kitchen would have a breakfast nook. I’m not even asking for an island — just a tiny breakfast nook where my family can sit to start the day.” — Theresa S., Fairfax, Virginia

What’s the ONE THING you’d ask for in your forever kitchen? Discuss in the comments below!