For Better Lemonade, Use a Pinch of Salt

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Summer is winding down, but lemonade (and limeade) are still very much of the moment on these sunny afternoons. I just discovered the best tip for really making the flavor of your lemonade pop: Salt!

While many cultures and cuisines make seriously salty, savory lemonades and limeades (think Indian nimbu pani, which is often salty), that’s not what I’m talking about here.

I have been making impromptu pitchers of lemonade and limeade for parties lately, just winging it without a recipe — making syrups of fresh juice and sugar and sometimes a touch of something extra like pomegranate syrup, rosewater, or hibiscus, and stirring it all up with sparkling water.

I’ve been noticing that if I add just a pinch of salt to the pitcher, it makes the citrus taste more vibrant yet less acidic. The small amount of sugar also seems sweeter and fresher with a bit of salt to balance it. I don’t add so much salt that the drink actually tastes salty; just a pinch or half teaspoon for a big pitcher.

Do you ever do this? Do you notice a difference in your lemonade?

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