For a Special Party: Pretty Party Wares from BHLDN

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Anthropologie recently launched a new line of wedding-focused party dresses and accessories. It’s called BHLDN (yes, it’s pronounced beholden. We have some experience with this whole missing-vowel thing, after all — doesn’t mean we like it, though. We blink every time we see their name). If you’re not in the middle of wedding mania yourself, however, you may have missed the fact that BHLDN also offers a lot of very pretty, very special accessories suitable for a birthday or other party. Here’s a peek at a few favorites.

Some of BHLDN’s party wares are ridiculously expensive; others are nicely priced. But they are all quite inspiring; I took a spin through their pages and came away with several ideas for pretty DIY decorations.

Their goods range from ultra-feminine tabletop accessories like tablecloths and cake pedestals, to party-specific things like goodie bags and pennants. Here are a few good things to give you an idea of their style and line:

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(Images: BHLDN)