If You Carrot All About Sustainable Food, Take This Quiz

published Oct 24, 2018
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Most of us try really hard to make food choices that we know are better for our health, the environment, and the people (and animals!) who produce our food. But unless you’re a farmer yourself, it can be really tough to make choices that align with your values 100 percent of the time. FoodPrint.org is a new website full of (free!) resources designed to help you become a more sustainable eater. We’re about to tell you why we love it, but first a word of advice: Pay attention because there’s a quiz at the end.

What is a FoodPrint?

As you may have guessed by now, your FoodPrint is the impact that the food you eat has on animals, people, and the environment. It’s like a carbon footprint, but it includes more than just your environmental impact. It’s also about the impact on people, communities, and animals. FoodPrint’s mission is to help us make more informed food choices. The idea is that by knowing our impact, we won’t feel so helpless and can instead be part of the solution.

One of the best resources from the new website is their Food Label Guide. It’s a handy tool that takes a deep-dive into the different claims and labels you’ll run into at the grocery store. With a quick scan, you’ll learn how to tell when an item was produced with animal and worker welfare in mind — information that’s been researched and verified by FoodPrint.

The Food Label Guide also explains which labels in every food category actually have high standards and mean something — and which don’t. When you’re at the farmers’ market, you could simply ask the person who raised the livestock questions like what pesticides they use, if any, or if they’re certified organic. Think of FoodPrint’s Label Guide as your way to do that at the regular old supermarket. (But also … don’t stop shopping at the farmers’ market!)

The Quiz at the End

All of which brings us to our favorite part of FoodPrint.org: the quiz. Answer a few quick questions about your shopping and eating habits, and when you’re done you’ll get your own sustainability score along with tips and resources to help improve it. (Spoiler: Most of us have mushroom for improvement.) You’ll learn how small changes can add up to healthier people, happier animals, and a better planet. FoodPrint.org also gives you access to quality research papers on topics like meat consumption, food waste, and animal welfare.

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