Food Suggestions for a Beer Tasting Party

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Q: I’m hosting a beer festival at home for 20 people in March. Everyone will be bringing two 22-oz beers or equivalent, with emphasis on variety and uniqueness.

I’m providing palate cleansers for during the tasting and a hearty meal for after, and I would love some ideas.There is at least one vegetarian for the event, so the apres-tasting meal will hopefully be easily modified for this guest. Your thoughts are most appreciated!

Sent by Anna

Editor: How fun! For the tasting portion, I’d recommend starchy, neutral-flavored snacks, like pieces of baguette or saltines. Water is great for cleansing the palate between beers.

For the dinner afterwards, what about making recipes that use beer as an ingredient? Mussels steamed in a light ale, this beer-cheddar soup, or even a version of Steak with Drunken Mushrooms modified for a crowd (with polenta rounds for the vegetarian?) would all be great. Take a peek at this post on pairing beer and food for more ideas.

Readers, what other food ideas do you have for the mini-beer festival?