These Are the Worst “Food Sins” People Have Ever Seen

updated Apr 30, 2019
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Everyone has their own weird food quirks. Much to the consternation of my entire family, for years I only ate vanilla ice cream with a drizzle of olive oil and a dash of sea salt because a men’s fitness magazine told me that it would cause me to eat less of it (it did not). My father used to eat scrambled eggs every morning with a heaping helping of ketchup and melted butter, which for some reason as a teen grossed me out to no end. And on Fridays (until the entire family begged her to stop), my mother used to smoke her own herring, knowing full well it’s already sold pre-smoked at the store. My siblings and I would climb into the car like clockwork and drive every Friday to wander the mall for two hours while she cooked, which gives you an idea of how strongly it smelled.

Still, in comparison to what you’ll see below, these are minor food sins.

Recently a Reddit subgroup r/AskReddit posed the question, “What’s the worst ‘food sin’ you’ve seen someone commit?” The thread has been upvoted more than 15,800 times and has already garnered almost 15,000 separate comments. Apparently our friends and family have a lot of thoughts about what we choose to eat. Here are some of the best comments from that thread.

From someone thinking ketchup is more a concept than a condiment.

To a unique alternative to the classic milk and cereal combo.

This man, who beats me in the “vanilla ice cream toppings” contest by leaps and bounds.

To someone who clearly doesn’t quite know how health food works.

To someone who … uh … just read it.

This couple, who may have needed marriage counseling at some point.

This daughter, who may be onto something.

And finally, a child’s very unique method for enjoying the flavor of Doritos.

You can read more food sins (if you dare) over on Reddit.