5 Food Podcasts That Are Inspiring Us Right Now

updated May 30, 2019
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I’ll admit it: The number of outstanding food podcasts that exist sometimes overwhelms me. I’m never able to listen to all the episodes fast enough.

Longstanding favorites like the Splendid Table, the Sporkful, and Spilled Milk have only gotten better over the years, but there are plenty of recent arrivals and food-related podcasts that are tackling important topics and delving into difficult discussions about the food and restaurant worlds. They’re perfect to listen to during your morning commute or while doing mindless tasks, and will get you inspired about food and meals to make later.

Here are a handful of food podcasts that have been inspiring me lately. Whether you’re a curious foodie or conscientious eater, they’re worth checking out.

In 2016, chef Soleil Ho (who is featured in our 20 inspiring women in food story!) and journalist Zahir Janmohamed from Portland, Oregon, started the Racist Sandwich podcast, which focuses on issues relating to race, gender, and class in the food and restaurant industry.

In biweekly episodes, the pair tackles challenging topics, offering perspectives and launching into discussions that are long overdue in the food world. A recent episode that fascinated me was about how the mainstream food media narrative about the trendy Texas barbecue boom erased the stories of the black and brown folks who created it and built its legacy. The Racist Sandwich podcast is a reminder of just how powerful and political the stories we tell about food can be.

2. Bite

From Mother Jones, Bite is a food politics podcast “for people who think hard about their food.” In discussions with writers, farmers, scientists, and chefs, Bite uncovers the stories behind what ends up on your plate and explores the politics and science of what we eat. Highly recommended recent episodes include “The Bizarre Fad Diet Taking the Far Right by Storm” and “The Godfather of Mexican Wine.”

Earlier this year, food and drink writer (and former vegan baker) Alicia Kennedy launched Meatless, a podcast in which she talks to various people in the food and drink industry about their relationship with eating — or not eating — animal products. Through interviews with chefs, writers, and others like Brooks Headley of Superiority Burger, butcher and writer Cara Nicoletti, and winemaker Sheri Hood, Alicia attempts to answer the question: How do identity, culture, economics, and history affect a diet? Recent episodes have covered topics like vegan wines, the blind spots of veganism, and how to navigate a relationship when one partner is vegan and one is not.

4. Gravy

From the Southern Foodways Alliance, Gravy is a podcast that showcases the narratives of the people and regions that have helped shaped Southern food culture. (Hint: It’s not all biscuits and gravy.) It’s been around since 2014, but is especially relevant now, during a time when Southern food is being embraced and celebrated all over the country. The hour-long episodes are endlessly fascinating whether you live in the South or elsewhere.

Prince Street is a “fresh podcast with a culinary heart” that tackles a variety of food and drink topics, like the usefulness of cricket food products and discussions with the women working to change the New York culinary world. Host Howie Kahn interviews celebrities and writers in the industry that have included Samin Nosrat (author of Salt Fat Acid Heat), Nigella Lawson, and Andrew Zimmern. And I always enjoy Prince Street’s wine club episodes with guest host Bianca Bosker, like one about the appeal of wines made from obscure grapes and another about the rise and worth of natural wines.

What are you favorite food podcasts right now?