Non-Poisonous Fugu and Weird Pantry ItemsTop food news for May 5-9

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Well, there’s been a lot of interesting food news this week! From a non-poisonous pufferfish to salt-water irrigation to listeria contamination in sandwich wraps, we’re here with the food news scoop.

CNN reports on rising school lunch prices: School kids feel the bite of high food prices. Will we be seeing more homemade lunches for school kids now?

Did you buy an unusual ingredient to use in one recipe, and now you’re left with the remnants of it and you don’t know what to do with it? The Washington Post steps in and tells you what to do with those unusual pantry items such as piment d’espelette and achiote.

NPR discusses a study that says growing tomatoes in salt water makes them taste better. What a good thing to know since tomato-planting time is now!

Japanese fish scientists discovered a way to breed non-poisonous fugu. Perhaps home cooks will soon be able to enjoy preparing fugu without worrying about killing the family.

286,000 lbs of Meat Used In Sandwich Wraps Contaminated With Listeria: if you’ve been buying ready-made sandwich wraps from Gourmet Boutique of Queens, NY, check the label – it might be included in this recall.

(Image: The Age)