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Air Fryer Baked Brie Is the Ultimate Holiday Party Appetizer  

published Dec 11, 2022
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baked brie on plate with bread and veggies
Credit: Photo: Chris Simpson; Food Styling: Jessie YuChen

If you know me in real life (or follow me on Instagram), you know I’m always on the lookout for fun new ways to use my air fryer. I’ve had success with pretty much everything I’ve cooked in it, from spaghetti squash to frozen dinner rolls. So when I saw Food Network’s recipe for air fryer baked Brie, I couldn’t wait to give it a go. 

It isn’t just the cooking method that makes this recipe unique. In lieu of classic jam, the Brie is topped with a savory mixture of marinated artichokes, sun-dried tomatoes, and pesto. And instead of simply wrapping the puff pastry around the cheese, you’ll create a decorative cross-hatched pattern that makes for a stunning presentation. 

Would this intriguing recipe take the top spot in my recipe showdown? I couldn’t wait to find out. 

How to Make Food Network’s Air Fryer Baked Brie 

You’ll start by heating your air fryer to 350°F. My air fryer technically doesn’t have a preheat setting, but I still set it to the desired temperature and let it warm up as if it had something cooking in it. Brush baguette slices with olive oil, season with salt and pepper, and air-fry until toasted. Set aside and turn the air fryer off. 

Stir together chopped artichoke hearts, chopped sun-dried tomatoes, and most of the pesto until combined. Unroll a sheet of thawed puff pastry on a floured surface and roll it into a 14-by-12-inch rectangle. Cut eight strips off of the shorter end to create a square. 

Brush the pastry with egg wash and lay the strips in a crisscross pattern over the center. Place a piece of parchment paper on top, then flip the whole thing over. (Watch the recipe video for help during this step). Spoon the artichoke mixture into the center of the dough, followed by another spoonful of pesto and the wheel of Brie. Fold the pastry up and over the Brie, then flip the wrapped Brie over so the design is on top. Brush with egg wash and refrigerate until chilled. 

Heat the air fryer to 375°F, place the Brie in the basket, and air fry until golden-brown. Let sit for 5 minutes, then serve warm with the toasted bread, crackers, sliced bell peppers, and endive. 

Credit: Photo: Chris Simpson; Food Styling: Jessie YuChen

My Honest Review of Food Network’s Air Fryer Baked Brie 

There’s so much to love about this recipe. For starters, it’s the prettiest baked Brie I’ve ever seen. The pattern is fairly easy to execute and gives the final dish a ton of pizzazz. Once it’s cut into, the bright green pesto makes the whole thing feel festive — perfect for the holiday season. 

But beyond its good looks, this Brie also tastes incredible. Everyone that tried it described it as a “flavor explosion.” Between the sweet-tart sun-dried tomatoes, the herby marinated artichoke hearts, the bright and garlicky pesto, and the rich and creamy Brie, every bite was well-rounded and worth savoring. Its savory nature makes it a great choice for an appetizer, but honestly, it could hold its own as a main. In fact, the cheese, pesto, and pastry gave it a calzone-like quality. As someone who doesn’t love huge bites of Brie on its own, I really enjoyed the high filling-to-cheese ratio. 

And let’s not forget about the air fryer! The swirling hot air made the pastry extra flaky and croissant-like, and cut the cook time in half. Plus, it’s a great way to save oven space if you’re prepping a big holiday meal.

If You’re Making Food Network’s Air Fryer Baked Brie, a Few Tips

  1. Skip the decorative pattern, if you want. If you’re short on time (or don’t feel confident in your pastry skills), feel free to skip the pattern altogether and simply wrap the Brie in the pastry. It will taste just as delicious! 
  2. Use oil-packed tomatoes and artichokes. Part of what makes this recipe such a success is the flavorful ingredients paired with the cheese. Look for oil-packed sun-dried tomatoes, which are more flavorful and tender than dry-packed tomatoes. Similarly, artichoke hearts packed in oil will be much more flavorful than those packed in water. 
  3. Bake in the oven, if needed. If you don’t have an air fryer, don’t skip this recipe! I baked a second one in a 400°F oven for 35 to 40 minutes with great success.

Overall rating: 10/10