Food Music: Garrison Keillor’s Forbidden Tastes

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We know some of you like to listen to A Prairie Home Companion while you’re cooking. Maybe you caught last week’s episode when Garrison Keillor talk-sang a little song about late-night guilty pleasures like fried eggs with mustard, a familiar panini and chocolate bacon cake. If not, have a listen below.

The song, which supposedly stemmed from a Facebook update, is all about late-night guilty pleasures in the kitchen. Because, “so many things that a person wants are not found in restaurants.” Obviously, we couldn’t agree more! At this point, you can probably find bacon chocolate cake in at least a few restaurants, but it’s still much more fun to make it at home.

Keillor has a little fun with Julia Child, speculating that she was secretly a Sloppy Joe lover. He also mentions a familiar-sounding panini with chocolate, basil and brie. Perhaps he caught that episode of Oprah, too?

Do you share any of these forbidden tastes and secret delights?

(Image: Flickr user It’s Holly, licensed under Creative Commons)