12 Great Writers & Their Favorite Snacks

updated Jun 5, 2019
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“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.” So said Virginia Woolf, and we heartily concur. However, while Ms. Woolf might approve of these literary cocktails, I tend to think cold toast and stale coffee (a la Steinbeck) isn’t what she had in mind for “fine dining.” Ah well! To each his own. Enjoy a peek at 12 great writers and their go-to snacks, as illustrated by the wonderful Wendy MacNaughton.

“Snacks of the Great Scribblers” first appeared in The New York Times when Ms. MacNaughton became curious about the snacking habits of great writers, and the answers turned out to be “all over the culinary map.” Walt Whitman apparently began his day with oysters and meat; Gustave Flaubert relied on eggs, vegetables, cheese, or fruit, and a mug of cold chocolate; and Mark Kurlansky, the author of Salt and Cod, lives on espresso, “as black as possible.”

What’s your favorite snack while working? I have to admit: I’m a fan of popcorn. I make it on the stove in coconut oil, then top it off with salt and, if I’m feeling particularly punchy, some Grade B maple syrup. That usually tides me over for at least an hour or two!

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