Food Served in Itself: Pretty or Kitschy?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We’re not talking about bread bowls or stuffed tomatoes here. Those you eat. This is the idea of putting soup, sorbet, or salad into the shell of a fruit or vegetable you might otherwise discard.

Get our thoughts and tell us yours, below…

We love the “In the Kitchen With” feature over at design*sponge and saw last week’s recipe for a chilled avocado soup, photographed (beautifully) in the scooped-out shell of the avocado. You can see it here:

We’re thinking the edges of the avocado “bowl” would start to turn brown pretty quickly, but even so, a very pretty presentation. It reminded us of some frozen Italian ices we’ve seen in the grocery store that come packaged in real orange and lemon shells, like the photo above.

We think the idea is pretty, especially if you are only serving a few people (no scooping out 24 lemons, thank you). It could work with acorn squash, any type of citrus, even walnut shell halves, if you want to place a little amuse bouche inside. Plus, less dishes to wash.

We picked up a few tips in our browsing:

Freeze the “bowls” if you can. They’ll become more rigid and keep their shape better. If you are adding ice cream or a chilled soup, this works out well.

Slice a bit off the bottom. Cut off a little disk to create a flat surface, so your bowl isn’t rolling around.

Leave some flesh on thin skinned bowls. For example, with an avocado, the skin isn’t as thick and rigid as a lemon’s, so leave a little border of meat rather than tear the side.

Anyone have any more tips? What do you think of this technique?

(Image: Flickr member mistersnappy, licensed under Creative Commons)