Food Blogs Featured in this Month’s Food & Wine

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

In this month’s Food & Wine, Pete Wells gives praise to several food blogs. What a pleasure it is to see this growing niche of food writing getting more and more attention, especially from those still writing the good old fashioned way – in print.

Wells does a great job of describing what a great food blog should be: it should communicate passion, have consequences (“something should be at stake”), it should be timely, and it needs a sense of purpose.

The only thing missing from the article was actual cooking. Surprise, surprise. The blogs he honors cover restaurants, food news, and the like (and do it very well), but none are actually about cooking.

And so we plod on, hoping to fill this gap – to communicate our passion for cooking, to do it with a nod to what’s actually happening in the world around us, and to do it with our strong sense of purpose.

As for consequences… without cooking, what is there?