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3 Ingredients a Food Blogger Relies on for Her Favorite Summer Dish

updated Aug 31, 2021
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Credit: Lauren Nolan

As warm sunny days begin to wane, so too does all that delicious seasonal produce. From throwing one last summer feast to packing the tastiest back-to-school lunchboxes in town, now is the time to savor all the fresh flavor that summer still has to offer. That means making the most of your next grocery run.

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Credit: Lauren Nolan

From wellness tips and shopping hauls to approachable recipes like rich lentil soup and hash brown quiche, blogger Lauren Nolan is all about making delicious, healthful living simpler and more attainable. With her Jewel-Osco® Deals & Delivery app and Jewel-Osco for U™ free membership, that’s even easier: She gets personalized deals and a free item each month, so she can plan meals that are easier, healthier, and more affordable. In her latest Jewel-Osco® haul, she picked up three of her must-haves for quick weeknight suppers: Jewel-Osco®’s own O Organics Olive Oil Extra Virgin, O Organics Penne Pasta, and O Organics Grated Parmesan Cheese.

These three simple ingredients, plus basil, are the formula for an easy pesto pasta. With a few more easily sourced ingredients, Lauren turns hers into something special. She adds 1/3 cup of shelled pistachios and a hit of lemon juice for a hearty pesto that blend together in a food processor for big, plant-forward flavor.

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