Food Blog Spotlight: Mario Batali Voice

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

If you are a rock music fan, you probably already know Steve Albini’s work. The Chicago-based musician has engineered albums for Nirvana, The Pixies, PJ Harvey and Cheap Trick, among many others. But did you know he also likes to cook — and has a food blog? Mario Batali Voice chronicles his adventures in the kitchen with curiosity and acerbic wit.

The blog features no recipes, just detailed descriptions of how he made a particular dish. That might sound boring, but somehow it isn’t; there are funny little tangents and explorations of certain thought processes that any cook will appreciate. When he grinds a pasta stuffing of greens and nuts, for instance, he describes this moment:

When I stopped to check the consistency, I grabbed a pinch and tasted it, and was surprised to find that the nuts had given up some of their fat and emulsified the greens into a creamy mousse. It was both richer and nicer to eat than the greens straight out of the skillet. I suddenly felt like a goddamn genius and like I invented something and started hollering for the patent attorneys again. I couldn’t wait to get the pasta ready.

Through it all, there is the presence of his wife, Heather, for whom he cooks. The blog is not about spending hours in the kitchen just for the bragging rights of a finished dish. It is about preparing meals for his family, satisfying his experimental urges as well as her hunger.

Check it out: Mario Batali Voice

Do you have any recommendations for new (or new to you) food blogs?