Food Blog Spotlight: One Hot Stove

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Nupur of One Hot Stove, writing from St. Louis, Missouri, has one of our favorite blog voices. She writes about the daily work of cooking regional Indian food in her own kitchen. We love Indian food, and we are always looking for cooks who can translate the often overwhelming cuisine into real-life recipes and steps.

Nupur does this beautifully, and in a very methodical way she has built up a great resource of recipes and tips. Her photos are clear and helpful, and she has also done a better job than many bloggers of organizing her recipes. We also like the themed posts she does, like this amazingly interesting and helpful A to Z of Marathi Food.

Marathi food is from Maharashtra, in western part of India, where Mumbai (Bombay) is also located. Nupur’s alphabetical introduction has over 33 dishes and explanations of terms in Marathi cooking.

If you are interested in Indian food at all, do check out her blog – it’s a great place to start.

Where to start: A to Z of Marathi Food

The Recipes: Recipe Index by Dish