Food Blog News: Tastespotting Is No More

published Jun 13, 2008
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What the… While going through our daily blog reads last night, we visited Tastespotting and discovered that the entire site has been taken down. In its place is a handwritten note from founder Jean Aw:

She says that due to “recent legal complications” Tastespotting will no longer be hosted by NOTCOT.

This makes us sadder than we can say – Tastespotting was a brilliantly visual way to browse the overwhelming amount of food blog content available these days. There’s so much out there, and it’s hard to get around to all the fantastic blogs posting delicious food.

We loved the visual menu that Tastespotting provided, and the easy way in to new writers, new photographers, and new ways of looking at food.

Does anyone know what happened? Our wild harebrained guess is that one or two disgruntled food bloggers or photographers have missed the larger point (wide exposure on the internet through sharing of photos) and sued for damages from having their photos linked on Tastespotting. We are guessing that NOTCOT has felt that the site is not worth the hassle these few cause. But that is totally a guess, given our own experience of the fast-moving and shifting new ground of ethics and photography rights in the online media space.

Tastespotting – come back! We miss you already…

(Image: Tastespotting and NOTCOT)