Food and Drinks for a Pink Slip Party? Good Questions

Food and Drinks for a Pink Slip Party? Good Questions

Faith Durand
Aug 12, 2009

Q: I am currently at a loss for food ideas for a themed party I'm throwing, so I thought I'd see if I could get some inspiration here. My boyfriend has just been retrenched and will be having his final work day at his current company in three weeks' time. I'm throwing him a "retrenchment party" to celebrate, rather than have us sit around at home moping.

So I was wondering: what snacks could I serve that would match the retrenchment theme? I really haven't been able to think of anything. — Sent by Emma

Editor: Emma, we're so sorry your boyfriend was laid off! But it's great you are throwing him a little party to end his job (and start a new career) on a bright note. These parties have been cropping up rather frequently lately, and they have a name: Pink slip parties! Here's one article with ideas on throwing your own pink slip party:

How to throw a fun "pink slip" party - Ideas here include lots of alcohol, a dart board with your former company's logo on it, and "lots of hugs."

We'd suggest a pink theme: Pink drinks, pink cupcakes with lots of icing, and any other comfort food in pink that you can think of.

Hopefully the readers will have some great ideas on food and drink to go along with the theme, too!

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