You Need to Follow This New “Dogs in Food” Instagram Account

published Jan 18, 2018
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(Image credit: @dogs_infood/ Instagram)

If you are obsessed with cute dogs and beautiful food, as most of us are, you’re going to love this insanely cute new Instagram account, Dogs in Food. The account is exactly what it sounds like; it’s just a page full of photos of dogs in food. But it’s really cute, and the food all looks delicious.

I feel an overwhelming urge to eat this Yorkshire terrier.

According to The Daily Meal, Dogs in Food has only been running since December 21, but it has already posted 35 photos, and there are already more than 4,600 dog-loving foodies following it.

The photos are equal parts food porn and puppy love, and they’re like a Where’s Waldo game, too, because some of these make it pretty hard to find the dogs at first glance.

This Dalmatian blends right in with cookies and cream ice cream.

And this curly puppy looks exactly like popcorn chicken.

Just look at this Shar-Pei as a soup dumpling! I can’t do it without squealing.

Shar-Pei dogs are really good for this project. Their wrinkles make them blend in with everything, like this river of chocolate. This dog looks like she’s getting a spa treatment.

This picture is my favorite, because the Pomeranian looks so happy to be in honey mustard dipping sauce.

There’s even a chance your dog could wind up here. Right now the site says “DM me if you want an edit of your (dog emoji) in (paella emoji).” This is the greatest offer ever made. You could get a picture of your dog edited into food! Since this project hasn’t been running for very long, there may still be time to get on the list before the account becomes too famous.

What’s your favorite dog photo?