3 Reasons You Absolutely Need to Buy This $4 Staple Right Now

published Nov 5, 2018
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Hosting Thanksgiving this year? Just making brownie bars to bring to someone else’s house? Between the turkey, the containers for leftovers, the hostess gifts, and all the other key things, there’s a lot to buy this time of year. And we haven’t even started thinking about all those people you have to shop for.

So we get that you might not want to hear about one more thing you have to spend money on, but this $4 thing is oh-so worth it. Keep reading to find out what it is and the three key ways we suggest using it to make your life easier and better this holiday season.

1. You can use it to roast your turkey.

Not everyone has a roasting pan in their kitchen. (Or any other sort of pan that’s big enough for a bird.) And it doesn’t make much sense to run out and buy one if this is your first time hosting Thanksgiving. Invest in this foil pan, instead. It can hold up to a 10-pound bird — just make sure to use two hands when pulling it out of the oven and moving it around.

2. It’s the ideal size for making salads for a crowd.

We have this post (see: For Better Salads, Think Bigger Bowl. No, Bigger) that talks about how you need a giant bowl to make the best salad. So come the holidays, when you’re feeding a crowd, this is the best thing … short of a bucket. If you make a salad in this foil pan, you’ll have plenty of room to layer in all the ingredients and easily dress the lettuce without sending stuff flying all over your countertops.

3. It’s the best way to bring food to potlucks.

Whether you’re making a casserole, cookies, a big salad (see above), or anything else for a Friendsgiving, this is going to be how you want to transport your dish to said event. You can add your own foil lid or even get the sort of roasters that come with plastic lids. These things are easy to drive with (just put the pan on the floor in the back) or carry on the subway. And you don’t have to worry about getting your dish back at the end of the night.