Focus on Fruit: 10 Lighter, Seasonal Desserts

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

As much as we enjoy cake and pie, sometimes a simpler dish is most welcome at the end of a big meal. Each of these fruit-based recipes is lighter than most traditional holiday desserts (several are also gluten free or vegan), yet there’s no sacrifice in flavor or festive color. We also love how they really showcase the season’s jewels, from quinces to cranberries and pears to persimmons.

• 1 Cranberry-Poached Pears, from Martha Stewart. Also check out Poached Pears and Red Wine Syrup and Baked Pear Dumplings.

• 3 Baked Persimmons, from The Kitchn

• 4 Sparkling Oranges, from Sunset

• 6 Marsala Baked Quince, from Vogue Entertaining and Travel

• 7 Cranberry-Vanilla Compote with Orange Ice, from Martha Stewart

• 9 Red-Fruit Puddings, from Gourmet

• 10 Baked Figs in Lemon Syrup, from Gourmet