Fly by Jing’s New Spicy Chili Oil Is a Delicious Reminder of My Dad’s Favorite Condiment

published Jan 27, 2023
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Spoon with chili oil over jar
Credit: Amelia Rampe

Chili oil always makes me think of my father. His meals were almost always accompanied by a little dish of chili oil, hot mustard, and soy sauce marbled together. He’d dip each bite of food in the sinus-clearing combo of condiments while I’d sit across from him at the table, confused about how working up a chili-induced sweat while eating was a good time.

As I grew up, I eventually realized the appeal of making dinner a little dangerous. The door of my fridge is now loaded with all sorts of hot sauces, chili oils, sauces, crisps, and more.

What’s the Difference Between Chili Oil and Chili Crisp?

If you’re wondering how chili oil is different from chili crisp, think of chili oil as the base of chili crisp. Chili crisp is loud with little bits of garlic and shallots, seeds and nuts, providing a cacophony of flavor and texture. Chili oil, on the other hand, may be flavored with different aromatics, but typically is filtered to be just the oil or the oil with some chiles. Its flavor speaks for itself. And Fly by Jing’s Sichuan Gold chili oil has a lot to say.

What’s So Great About Fly by Jing Sichuan Gold Chili Oil?

Fly by Jing’s Sichuan Gold chili oil was created for the interview show Hot Ones. Founder Jing Gao wanted to see a Chinese brand at the table with the lineup of sauces of different origins, so the Sichuan native created a chili oil to highlight her hometown’s iconic flavor, málà. The Sichuan Tribute Peppers used for this oil produce a condiment three times more tingly and nine times spicier than the oil in Fly by Jing’s classic chili crisp. Both Viola Davis and Cate Blanchett were smitten with the flavor of the oil on their episodes of the show — high praise when being subjected to a back-to-back taste test of hot sauces.

Already familiar with Fly by Jing’s chili crisp, I was excited to give this product a try. Upon opening the bottle, I was immediately enamored of the rich, roasted smell. But I was also a little apprehensive — nine times the spice is no joke! Thankfully, the bottle design aids in modest application, so I dribbled a bit over a bowl of boiled wontons and dug in. I was pleasantly surprised it didn’t blow my head off and immediately reached for the bottle for some more.

What’s the Best Way to Use Fly by Jing Sichuan Gold Chili Oil?

The chili oil was perfect for my homemade wontons. It enhanced the fattiness of the pork, the crunch of the shrimp, and slip of the wonton skin without distracting with too many flavors or extra textures. And it burned so good — I could definitely feel the tingle from the Tribute peppercorns.

This Sichuan Gold chili oil would be excellent over a bowl of soup, whisked into salad dressings or marinades, over tofu, eggs, rice — the possibilities are really endless. But if imagination ever runs short, I’ll just swirl it into some hot mustard and soy sauce, and think of my dad.

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