Fly By Jing Just Launched an Ultra-Spicy Chili Oil for Those Who Like It Hot

published Jan 20, 2023
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octopus tentacle putting chili oil on plate of dumplings
Credit: Fly By Jing

As our readers know, the secret to any tasty recipe is the seasoning or sauce you use. And, when it comes to our favorite places to get flavorful pantry staples, Fly By Jing is at the top of the list. This small DTC brand sells spices and sauces, among other things, that our editors can’t get enough of. We’re talking vinaigrettes, frozen dumplings, and by far their most popular product: the Sichuan Chili Crisp. This small but mighty container of hot chili sauce has taken our taste buds by storm, making otherwise boring meals taste delicious and exciting.

We’re sure many of you reading this post are already big fans, and in that case, we have great news: You can now experience the beloved Sichuan Chili Crisp in a new medium thanks to Fly By Jing’s latest launch! The Sichuan Gold chili oil is already a celeb-favorite, and it’s going to be the hottest new addition to your cupboard.

You might’ve already seen this product on Hot Ones, but now you can try it for yourself for just $14. But be prepared — it’s nine times hotter than Fly By Jing’s classic chili oil. The Sichuan Gold is made with, of course, chili peppers, as well as Sichuan tribute peppers and other ingredients such as garlic, ginger, and green onion. In other words, although this 5-ounce concoction is tasty, a little goes a long way. You’ll also find that it’s vegan and contains no preservatives.

Other than its unforgettable taste, the best thing about the Sichuan Gold chili oil is that there’s no limit on how you can use it. Drizzle it over a salad. Pour some in your soup bowl. Glaze it over your veggies before you put them to roast. Usually, those who enjoy some spice on their foods like to add seasoning to every meal, and this little bottle lets you do just that! Intrigued? If so, you’ll want to grab this fast, as Fly By Jing’s top-sellers have a known tendency to sell out. We have a feeling the Sichuan Gold is going to be a mealtime game-changer!