These Two Surprising Ingredients Make Super-Tall Pancakes

published Nov 14, 2017
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(Image credit: @majyokkorei/ Twitter)

There are a million ways to make a stack of gorgeous pancakes. You can make them with buttermilk, cornmeal, sweet potatoes, ricotta, and even cream cheese. And then, of course, there’s the controversial two-ingredient pancake that’s made from just banana and eggs. There’s so many variations that it begs the question: What exactly does constitute as a pancake? If the ingredients don’t matter, is it how the pancakes look? Do pancakes need to be dense, flat, and round? A new technique floating around the internet suggests otherwise.

Recently on Twitter @majyokkorei shared a recipe for sky-high pancakes, and the internet kind of lost its mind about the whole thing. A rough translation of the recipe is as follows:

You mix one egg with 150 milliliters of carbonated water and two tablespoons of mayo. Then you add 150 grams of pancake mix and mix until combined. Then you pour mixture into a small pot on low heat and flip after five minutes. Give the other side five minutes in the pot to cook through.

That’s right — the pancakes are made with seltzer and mayonnaise! Seltzer feels slightly more understandable (it also makes great scrambled eggs!), but the mayonnaise part is making some folks a little squeamish. What’s hard to remember is that mayo is really just eggs and oil, both of which are ingredients in most pancakes! @majyokkorei received a ton of replies on his Tweet, where many people posted photos of their attempts at the recipe. Some had better luck than others.

Our friends at Food52 tried these pancakes out and had great success. I particularly liked the writer’s idea to fill the pancake with persimmons, and loved how he noted that this stack was the perfect vehicle for syrup. I also love the idea of taking a slice out of the huge pancake and eating it on the go for breakfast.

Have you ever tried making pancakes like this? Let us know in the comments!