This One Simple Change Will Give You the Fluffiest Pancakes You’ve Ever Tasted

published Jan 19, 2023
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Credit: Photo: Joe Lingeman; Food Styling: Cyd McDowell
How To Make the Easiest Pancakes Ever

Life is a never-ending search for two things: happiness and the fluffiest pancakes. Recently I came across @problemsolvedshow’s video, and it revealed the key to accomplishing the latter — and trust me, it’s a lot easier than you think.

The secret to having the fluffiest pancakes doesn’t mean introducing a new ingredient into the mix or purchasing a new kitchen tool. As I learned, it’s all about technique. And according to the Instagram account known for solving common problems with surprising solutions, getting pillowy soft pancakes is all in the eggs and how you whip them.

The video recommends separating the yolk and the whites before you throw your eggs in the mixing bowl. Once you separate the eggs, add milk and melted butter to the egg yolk and whip until smooth. For the egg whites, you’ll want them super fluffy. This can be done by hand, but in the video, the host uses an electric beater to get them soft. Next, he mixes the pancake batter and whipped egg yolk, before adding the egg whites and folding them into the batter. 

The best part of this process is that you don’t have extra work outside of separating the eggs. The hardest part of this process — or any pancake recipe — is perfecting the pancake flip without sending batter everywhere. The host did a great job flipping, but if you don’t want to risk completely ruining your pancakes, use this hack to flip a pancake the right way without making a mess.

Once you’ve perfected your fluffy pancakes, you can level up your breakfast game with these bacon, egg and cheese-stuffed savory pancakes.