Flowpure Is a Green, Compostable Filter for Any Water Pitcher

published May 13, 2015
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(Image credit: Christine Gallary)

Item: Flowpure Compostable Water Filters
Price: $18.99 for a box that contains 3 filters
Overall Impression: This is a great compostable alternative to the plastic-heavy Brita and Culligan water pitcher filters.

I’ve had a Brita pitcher in my fridge for more than 10 years, both because I like drinking cold water and I like the taste of it filtered. When it’s time to change the filter, I always feel bad about just throwing the old plastic one into the trash, so I was eager to give this compostable alternative a try!

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The Flowpure water filter is a compostable filter designed to work in Brita and Culligan pitchers. (Image credit: Christine Gallary)
(Image credit: Christine Gallary)

Flowpure: A Quick Summary

Characteristics and specs: One box contains three filters made from coconut shells, a natural water softener, and biodegradable plastic from non-GMO corn. The design uses 96% less plastic than the traditional filters. Each filter lasts for two months.

Favorite details: I love that all the materials are food-grade and biodegradable in 30-40 days in municipal composting. The water tasted just like the water I get through a regular Brita filter.

Potential problems: The delicate filtration pouch can be easy to puncture.

Who would love this? Those looking for an environmentally friendly way to have filtered water at home.

The filter installed in the Brita pitcher. (Image credit: Christine Gallary)

The Review

When the water dispenser on our refrigerator door broke a few years ago, we just shrugged it off and didn’t fix it since we had a Brita pitcher anyway. Since then, I’ve had it on my calendar to change the filter every two months, especially since I work from home and go through a fair amount of water during the day.

Throwing away the old plastic-intensive filters always bothered me, but I never saw another way around it and reasoned it was still more environmentally friendly than bottled water. That is, until I heard about Flowpure Water Filter pouches, which are compostable alternatives to Brita and Culligan pitcher filters.

The box contains three filter pouches, and each one looks a bit like a large tea bag with fine mesh on the outside. The instructions for using each filter are very similar to the traditional filters: soak for 10 minutes (although you don’t have to do that anymore with Brita filters), rinse under cold water for one minute, put into the pitcher, and then fill and discard two pitchers of water to flush out carbon dust (usually three with Brita filters).

After the initial soaking, I noticed that the soaking water was an unappetizing gray color, but I forged on anyway. I wasn’t sure if you were supposed to press on the filter pouch as it was being rinsed, but I did so and the filter pouch burst on me and I had to start over with a second one.

With the second one, the water running off during rinsing was still gray, but I didn’t press on it and then went ahead and fitted it into the spot where the filter goes. Even though it wasn’t a perfect fit, I was able to get most of it into the opening. After discarding the first two pitchers of water (I recommend saving it to water plants or do dishes, especially since I’m living in drought-ridden California!), I poured myself a glass and tasted it against a glass of Brita-filtered water I had saved.

And the verdict? They tasted identical, I really couldn’t detect any differences. Both had a clean, refreshing taste.

Flowpure water filters are more expensive than Brita at $18.99 versus $14.99 for Brita on Amazon, but besides the cost, everything else seems virtually the same. The big difference is that when it comes time to change the filter, you just put it right into the compost and feel good that the used filter isn’t headed to the landfill.

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