This Flour Measuring Tip Will Ensure Fluffy, Delicious Baked Goods Every Time

published May 9, 2022
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Flour in mixing bowl
Credit: Joe Lingeman

Whenever Sarah Crawford (the genius behind @bromabakery) talks, I listen. Crawford has a knack for creating nostalgic, whimsical treats that taste like childhood. She also happens to have a ton of tips for better baking — like in this recent Reel.

In the video posted earlier this month, Crawford demonstrates the right way to measure flour and contrasts it with a mistake many bakers make. The “no-no” way is to pack the flour compactly into the measuring cup. This happens “Cause you’re really excited about your flour,” Crawford says, cramming as much as she can into the cup. 

Is too much flour really a big deal? According to the expert baker, yes. Crawford weighs the packed flour and reveals it’s a hefty 184 grams. For reference, she explains, a cup of flour should clock in at around 130 grams. That’s almost 50 percent too much! Too much flour can result in a dry, too-cakey, or stodgy sweet treat.

So what’s the right way to measure flour? Crawford is a fan of fluffing the flour. She demonstrates an easy way to do this by opening up the bag (it’s Bob’s Red Mill, in case you were wondering) and using the measuring cup to gently toss and aerate the flour. After quickly scooping it in and leveling off the top with her finger, she weighs it: Just shy of 130 grams! Commenters were all about this tip, with some even using the hashtag #fluffthatflour.

Of course, you’re probably wondering about that scale; weighing your flour from the jump is the best way to get an accurate measurement. But if you don’t own a kitchen scale, or don’t want to bother to unearth it from the bottom of your drawer (hi), this is a great hack.

One more tip for the road? Glad you asked. I’ve got to mention that Crawford filmed this entire Reel with a wrapped stick of butter tucked into her leggings, resting against her stomach. Her body heat naturally softens the butter, getting it ready for creaming into sugar — no microwave required

Do you fluff or weigh your flour?