One Thing You’re Not Storing in Your Flour but Should Be

updated May 1, 2019
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We’d like to brag a little bit, if that’s okay: We have the smartest readers. You guys are seriously the best and we love reading all of your comments on the stories we post every day.

Last year, we ran this story with the idea to use a removable Command hook to conveniently hold a measuring cup on the side of your flour canister (and containers for other dry goods).

It was a good idea. And then one of our readers shared another good idea.

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“A trick my grandmother uses that I adopted is to keep a wooden chopstick in her flour canister. You know, the kind you get free with takeout. She uses it to stir up the flour before scooping and to level the flour in the measuring cup. This way you always have a tool handy and don’t have to dirty a butter knife to level it every time you bake.”

How smart is this idea? You simply pull the chopstick out, de-clump the flour, dip your measuring cup in, and then use the chopstick to level it off. Push the chopstick back in when you’re done, and repeat! We kinda want to put one in every canister we own. It can even be done with smaller canisters because those takeout chopsticks can easily be cut or chopped (with scissors or a knife) down to size. Thanks for sharing, dear reader!

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