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Florence Pugh Shared Her Recipe for Courgetti and It’s a True Crowd-Pleaser

published Jan 31, 2022
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Florence Pugh in green dress
Credit: Shutterstock/Featureflash Photo Agency

She’s back! After a brief hiatus — which she brushed off as “life” — Florence Pugh returned to Instagram last week with her wildly popular series, Cooking with Flo. The Oscar-nominated actress launched the impromptu show last year and it was an immediate hit with her almost seven million followers.

In the new episode, she dons the now-famous yellow apron made for her by costume designer, Arianne Phillips, and announces she’s going to make courgetti (zucchini noodles), using what she calls “a pencil sharpener, basically” — or in other words, a spiralizer.

She begins by giving a quick summary of her recipe. “I’m going to do a spicy, fresh, vegetable-y, tomato-y sauce with chili, lemon peppers, cherry tomatoes, maybe a few mushrooms – a few mushies – and then I’m going to make my own courgetti.” But, of course, she says “tomahto” with her British accent making us want to pretty much listen to her all day.

Like all good cooks, Pugh takes a minute to wash her hands first, then does a little dance and grabs a glass of wine before getting ready to “get a really nice tomahto-y thing going.” She shows off some “lovely, bashed up tomahtoes,” extolling the virtues of using bruised vegetables in soups and stews rather than chucking them.

Once the “tomahto-y thing” is bubbling away on the stovetop, she starts on the actual courgetti, warning viewers to be careful with the spiralizer because she’s lost a couple of knuckles herself on it. She also advises placing the courgetti in the pan with the sauce rather than cooking it on its own.

The finished product — which, after some self-debate, ends up including garlic prawns — is mouthwatering. You can watch the whole Instagram story here and if as a result, you’re inspired to make your own noodles, you can try making Sausage and Peppers with Zucchini Noodles or using zucchini noodles to make Creamy Shrimp and Spinach Alfredo.

We’re convinced Pugh could have a successful career as the host of a cooking show; you know, if this acting thing doesn’t work out.