Flickr Finds: Weird Pizza Around the World

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Elsewhere in the world, pizza isn’t always the pizza you know. It might have a crust, it might be round, but sometimes that’s where the similarity ends. Here’s a glimpse at some unusual — and occasionally tasty-looking — pizzas from around the world.

(Of course, I should note that “weird” is a relative term. One photo of a Hawaiian-style pizza I found on Flickr had a comment, “Pineapple on pizza…weird!”)

Japan: This Pizza Hut ad boasts a pizza topped with hamburger, edamame, corn and more, surrounded by a wiener-stuffed roll crust that is meant to be topped with a “fruity ketchup.”
Scotland: What does a “pizza crunch supper” look like? It’s a couple pieces of pizza, battered and deep-fried, and served with a side of chips.
Norway: Speaking of chips, here’s a pizza topped with french fries.
Australia: And if you prefer your chips in tortilla form, you might like this “Mexican” pizza topped with tortilla chips, pickled jalapenos, and massive gobs of sour cream.
India: A pizza topped with the spicy Indian dish called butter chicken actually sounds (and looks) really good.

Korea: Back to Asia and its wiener obsession again with this pizza, which includes a cheese-stuffed roll crust and a healthy spiral of mayonnaise on top.
Germany: A thin-crusted pizza topped with rich curry sounds intriguing, but the comments about it are unambiguous: “Was weird. Not bad. But weird.”

What’s the weirdest pizza you’ve ever eaten?