Flickr Finds: 15 Markets Around the World

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

When I visit a new city, the first place I head for is the market. No matter where in the world I am, watching people take part in the everyday business of buying food for their next meal is both comforting and deeply fascinating, especially if the market is in a far-off locale. Thanks to Flickr, even if you can’t take an international trip this summer, you can still get a glimpse of what market life is like from Sweden to Sudan.

In the photos above, giant tuna are auctioned off for enormous sums at the famous Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo. A weekly fish market sets up on a small boat in Wellington, New Zealand. A staggering bounty of vegetables are laid out at a market in Malaysia. Mushrooms, bags of potatoes and plastic buckets of cherries are for sale at a chilly market in Russia. And sheep make an orderly line at a cattle market in Kashgar, China.

Do you seek out new markets when you travel? Is there one that left a particular impression on you?